Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Great Sources To Find "The Best" Tattoo

Did you know that twenty five percent of people who get their first tattoo regret the choice they made? Selecting a tattoo is a very important decision because you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. That is why I have done extensive research to find what I believe to be, the best sources of tattoo designs available. I have discovered that if you want to find the very best tattoo art that is the most unique, you're going to have to make a very small investment. Considering you'll have to live with your tattoo for a very long time it really is a very small investment in yourself. One that you'll be glad you made, many years from now. So, after many hours of study, research and comparison I have selected the two top resources I believe have the best tattoo selections for the best value.


If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, then the best way to go is the "Tattoo Design Package". Included in this product is a lot of information a person who is getting their first tattoo would need to know. You can even download fifty free tattoos and a free audio book on how to choose your first tattoo! The Tattoo Design Package is also great for the avid tattoo enthusiast who has had many tattoos and is looking for more. Although they do not offer the worlds largest collection of tattoos they are certainly high quality selections from all over the world. You'll get instant access to a total of over 3000 tattoos of every kind that you can download instantly and you can even have them sent to you on a CD if you wish. Nothing is censured in the Tattoo Designs Package and no tattoo design is excluded. On a five star rating system for value, I give the "Tattoo Design Package" a solid four and one half star rating.

To find out more about the "Tattoo Design Package" CLICK HERE


If you are looking for a huge selection of tattoo's to choose from, the best way to go is "Tattoo My Brain". This one is a membership website that offers a selection of over 6000 tattoo designs, all categorized by type. You can save and print out as many designs as you like or even download all of them. Use the tattoo designs as an inspiration and design your own tattoo or get your friends involved and ask them for feedback. The membership is modestly priced and for a limited time you can get a membership for almost half off. On a five star rating system for value, I give "Tattoo My Brain" a solid five star rating.

To find out more about "Tattoo My Brain" CLICK HERE

My advice to you is to check out both of these great resources of great tattoo's. They are really not very expensive so why not get both. It's your body and your tattoo, so do it right. For more great tattoo resources check out the links in the upper right hand corner of this page.